Customized Service

Do not hesitate to say your requirements.

We lovely accept ideas from customers if they want to be special or different from others. For the following products, if you can give us enough time, we can customize for you even only one. Products include bounce house, inflatable sup, play tent. You can check the details for contents of our service.

  • Products

Send your ideas or requirements, we can design new one for you and product it once you confirm.

  • Style

Customers can require their own styles to become special.

  • Theme

Theme can be changed as well if customers need.

  • Painting

Want to add some paintings on bounce houses, we can do it too.

  • Big order

Let’s change another cheaper way for shipment of big order to save money.

  • Negotiable discount

If you want more products than one, you can apply one discount from us. We are happy to help you save money as soon as possible.

Apart from all mentioned services, customers can share more thoughts, we try our best to meet them.

If you want to customize big or super size of inflatables,please visit our official or

Contact us at by email, or by wechat/what’s app:0086-18664889779

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