The reason to choose YARD products

Everyone loves high quality,and everyone loves top quanlity with low price.Yes,me too.When i do shopping online or real store,i will check the price firstly,which is a kind of self-reaction.What about you?just take one from the shelf or click the buy now button to check out?Certainly,you can do it freely,no problem,but i must keep eyes on my wallet,because my wife just give a little money for life,joking,LOL...

To the point,why you choose YARD products?or the reason to choose our products.I do not give answer directly now,just one story happened between YARD and our customer.

When i was graduated from my college,i joined in one company and worked with Little Tikes for bounce houses,which one a famous company in US,even in the world.These bounce houses are sold to its own site or stores,such as Walmart,Target,Kmart and ToyrUS and s on.After some year later,i moved to another city(current office) Guangzhou and started my new career.In my plan,i wanted to change another field,but i could't.That is,i was still working for this product.About 2 years in one company,i found there were many questions for production,products or management,so i left again,then created YARD company.

From a worker to be a boss,i experienced so much and had many good leassons in my life and career.My simple aim is: supply really high quality of bounce house to kids all over the world. But action speaks louder than words.We used best material and did our best to produce each bouncer,but the color of material faded away,which cased the bouncers like map on surface.It was really bad for us because we just started,not had any profits.What can we do?We did not wait for customer's complain for this fault.Without thinking,i made a decision that we would do new ones for our customer though products were in hands of customer.That was a big loss for us,but we made up for our customer.

So the anwer to the question is: YARD is responsible for every customer.We can give our best service and guarantee 100%.Never do bad products at low price to get orders.

Our products are made of high quality material in the market.We are not sure they are 100% perfact,but we accept any comparsion with others.

We promise that will give our best service to our customers for a long term business.Welcome to choose YARD and be happy with YARD!

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