Who is still using PVC tarpaulin for bounce house?

Before your decision of order,please check the details or spec. carefully.The material is the most important key to high quality.Every one wants to get one cheaper bounce house at lower price,but it is very difficult thing to keep high quality made of inferior material.You will find most of inflatable bouncers,even water slides made of Nylon oxford instead of PVC tarpaulin or vinyl,because the price can be down like this.Then after some times,the parts will be broken or openned.Kids are disappointed for it,even during their parties of birthday.Can you image how an terriable experience?

YARD is still keeping using PVC tarpaulin for bounce houses and water slides,which you can see from photos if you are professional.

Meanwhile,we give our warm services to every customer who buys from us.

Please really pay attentions to details before order.Be happy with us!

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